Site Selection


Site evaluation is the first step in determining where to plant your tree. Pick a location with good soil drainage. Poorly drained soil can cause root rotting and death of a newly planted tree. Tree roots need oxygen to grow and a well drained site at planting is imperative. Avoid areas with soil that stay saturated for long periods of time, such as creek bottoms or low areas. 

Pick a location with good sunlight, preferably six to eight hours a day, for optimum tree growth and fruit and nut production. The best areas are along the edges of food plots. If you are planting in the forest pick tree fall gaps or open areas where the trees can grow towards sunlight above.


Consider selecting a site with good air flow to avoid frost pockets where cold air or late frosts can settle, such as on the top or side of a slope where air can flow downhill.

Alachua, FL

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