Spacing and Pollination


Check the pollination requirements for each variety to determine if you need a pollinator. Many fruit and nut trees must be planted with a pollinator in order to produce mast. Dunstan Chestnuts require at LEAST two trees planted together for pollination; however, each additional tree will increase pollination for better mast production. Kaki persimmons are self pollinating which means that they don’t need a pollinator. American persimmon DOES require a pollinator to produce fruit. PLEASE REFERENCE INDIVIDUAL PRODUCTS FOR SPACING AND POLLINATION REQUIREMENTS. 

Trees are spaced according to their ultimate size. If planted too far apart, inefficient pollination can occur. If planted too close, they will not receive adequate sunlight for growth and mast production. For instance, chestnuts and oaks are planted 35-40′ apart and fruit trees such as apples, pears and persimmons are planted 15-20’ apart.

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